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Hello people this site is going to have all kinds of games every week will be adding a new game exactly on Monday and if any gators or people want to message me my email is jashunter123@yahoo.comand i will put a game on every day this week because people won't get bored. If you want to be a member click on member make a fake place where you live and their will be questions/polls my first one is whats you favorite food. Another way to contact me is to message in the forums.                 February 14 09


Game         February,15,09

On this game the penguins follow your mouse and you can pick them up.

FOR THESE GAMES YOU HAVE TO COPY AND PASTE TO GET TO THE GAME!!!                       April 29, 2009

For this game you do a surgery on a knee, no blood contained.


For this game you try to help a horse escape.


For this game you do surgery on a bunny.


This game is a mystery game, you have to find, between two pics, 10 differences.


On February 28 I go back to school so their won't be a lot of games but I will try.




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Final game

World War 3

              World War 3
                                Chapter 1:The Start
It was 1/12/09, it was stormy night when suddenly their was a huge BOOM! All of the soldiers woke up and came out of their tents and saw half of their camp blown up. They rushed to the tents grabbed their guns and looked around. Suddenly British popped up and surrounded them and took their guns. Luckily they were smart they carried a hidden pistol. So they shot all of the British. They took all their guns and cheered in victory but they discovered that they won the battle but not the war. To Be Continued
                                Chapter 2: Zombies Attack
Then the soldiers went to the base and died because it was to much to handle. Then they had to send in special agents named Jason, Steven, James, Nick.But they heard that there was a chemical spill at Bunker Hill and zombies are going crazy and killing people. Then the zombies teamed up with the British. It was up to the special agents to save the world. So the special agents got knives,guns,and chainsaws. So we killed many zombies and British by chain sawing them in half and shooting them in the head. It was a bloody sight and they retreaded but they knew that the battle wasn’t over. So we snuck into there base and shot some more zombies, and British. We took a break to reloaded our guns and because we were tired.
                                   Chapter 3: Nazi Joins
Then the British and Zombies they brought back Nazi. This was bad the agents found a new agent named Eric. We had to kill all of them this time. So we went back and got bazooka’s rocket launcher’s any powerful gun you can think of so we snuck into the base and blew them up but then the zombie’s came back alive then Jason remembered you have to shoot a zombie in the head you kill them but we couldn’t because our weapon’s. So we got pistols Ak47 all kinds of guns and shot them in the head but they came back alive so James and Steven  had a plan to throw grenades so we did and then the base went on fire and killed them or did they. 
                                          Golden Edition
 The zombies came back alive but we found a new member named Daniel but we mistaken him as a zombie and blasted his brain out. But then the zombies killed Eric and Nickolas and we found one more member named Joshua he was dumb so we tricked them into wearing a time bomb and run into the zombies base. He blew up but we didn’t see a brain anyway the zombies put them self’s back to gether. We couldn’t find a way too kill them. This was bad because half of the world was destroyed and if we didn’t kill them soon the world would end. But we saw pieces of the wall lift it was Eric and Nick they have been spying they told us to kill the zombies you have to shoot their flying body parts we did that and they all died the a tank came and pick us up and we went back to our base.
                                         Silver Cooper   
When the special squad got back to the base they saw a helicopter with every weapon you can think of and they called the silver cooper then he told the soldiers there story the soldiers were jealous and mad so they got in the silver cooper and started shooting at us we ran into a dark room and when we turned on the lights we saw a lot of silver cooper then we ran to the gun shack and look for missiles and ammo but there wasn’t any ammo so we figured out that they planed out to try to kill us and wasn’t the leader of the British our boss then when we went out we were lucky because we had one missile and shot the propeller and it flew and killed everybody in the silver cooper then we ran to the bosses office and then he shot all if them in the arm and flew away.                                   The End?


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Dead Rising

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